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Postby John Leary » Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:51 pm

Last night, I wound up separated from my car and in need of transport. I got in touch with a friend who picked me up. As I was waiting for him to swing by, I imagined a web-based carpool service that would hook drivers up with passengers based on matching their needed routes.

To make this service work, I figured drivers would need to be able to easily specify both their recurring commutes and their one-time trips. I figured that to incentivize drivers to participate, there would have to be some cash negotiation mechanism. I figured everyone would need some guarantee of safety, so there would have to be an integrated feedback system (like eBay). I also figured you'd have to solve the "car radio problem" and ensure compatible listening habits. In my head I designed a full-fledged system to address all these issues.

Well, it turns out that this system has been built, and almost exactly as I'd imagined it to be. I'm overjoyed, and I've just signed up. I hope everyone does. This is the kind of thing that can truly transform the world, and the more people participate, the better the world can be.

Do check it out:
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