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George Street Coop Governance

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George Street Coop Governance

Postby xptngs » Sat Jan 07, 2012 3:11 pm

I'm a new member and am having a hard time finding basic information about the coop and governance online. Can anyone tell me:

When the annual meeting is?
How many directors/trustees are authorized? (12 according to cert of incorp)

Who are the current directors/trustees and when do their terms expire?

Who are the current corporate officers and when do their terms expire?

Where can I find the current Corporate By-Laws as amended through 12/31/11?

Where can I find corporate meeting minutes?

Where can I find the annual report/fiscal reports?

Where can I find the co-ops annual tax return?

Where can I find definitive information on the status of the coop as a: non-profit, 501(c)3, tax exempt, charitable organization. The certificate of incorporation filed with the state seems to indicate the coop is incorporated as a non-profit and indicates the coop adhere to 501(c)3 regulations, but there are not state or federal registrations available that indicate charitable or tax exempt status has been applied for or maintained.

Are corporate officers required to sign documents submitted 'on behalf of the corporation' such as the annual report submitted to the state, as seems to be required by NJ 14A:1-6(2)?

Is the coop a member of the NJ Center for Non-Profits?

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Re: George Street Coop Governance

Postby John Leary » Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:16 am

The next annual meeting is March 25th at 2pm, at the New Brunswick Public Library's Community Room.

As stated in the Certificate of Incorporation, there are 12 directors authorized.

Current directors are listed in the monthly newsletter Food for Thought available in the front of the store. For terms' expiry, contact Joe DiFillippo, chair of the Meetings & Elections Committee, whose contact info is in the same newsletter.

Bylaws and Certificate of Incorporation are at

Meeting minutes are currently posted to the Board Meeting mailing list. Anyone who wishes can be added to this list; just contact me (Tech Committee Chair) and make the request. I hope that soon we'll also be posting them regularly to this messageboard.

For any fiscal reports and tax returns, please talk to Rich Menashe, the Treasurer, whose contact info is also in the newsletter.

Under NJ law, the Co-op is a non-profit organization, and we have maintained our registration faithfully, at least during my time on the Board. Under Federal Law, consumer food cooperatives are not covered under 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, and so donations to consumer food coops aren't Federally tax-deductible.

During my time on the Board, all documents submitted on behalf of the corporation have been signed by the Board President (at least).

To my knowledge, the Co-op is not a member of the NJ Center for Non-Profits. I imagine we would benefit from joining.

Great questions.
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