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Protect Our Watersheds - Directory of Community Action Group

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Protect Our Watersheds - Directory of Community Action Group

Postby Nayla Caruso » Mon Sep 24, 2007 12:33 pm

If you're concerned about the rapid erosion (or pollution) of our resources, take advantage of my (and hopefully others' soon) afternoon research. Here's a small listing of local organizations dedicated to protecting and rehabilitating what little we have left in urban New Jersey:

Raritan River Basin Watershed Management ( - Seems more about using the resource than preserving it, but it's the most local I've found.

Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Alliance ( - Here's the real deal complete with opportunities for you to make a difference in your area by essentially adopting a local stream and monitoring it. They also host nature centers and preserves, do educational classes and tours, and even host birthday parties for a spin on the consumer oriented kid's party of the day.

South Branch Watershed Association ( - Also with river monitoring and local action.

Sourland Planning Council ( - My personal favorite, working to prevent development of the fragile Sourland ecosystem.

A more complete listing of farther flung groups can be found at the Watershed Partnership For New Jersey (
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