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coop pot luck @casa di roger cross 2007.10.21 15.00

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coop pot luck @casa di roger cross 2007.10.21 15.00

Postby Wayne DePrince » Fri Oct 12, 2007 1:57 pm

ahoy all you coopers.

roger cross, whom some of you may know as GRRRoger, has offered up his humble abode for a coop pot luck next sunday, 2007.10.21 at 15.00 (aka 3:00 PM). he expects mayhem and music, so bring the appropriate tools. his address is:

225 hale street, new brunswick, nj 08901
732.485.2772 ... =addr&om=1

you know the drill: everyone bring something to eat/drink/etc. you can coordinate through the message board forum that will be available soon (hint hint john/jack/steve)... perhaps i can do it. i did. go here to figure the details out: ... c.php?t=69

please forward this on to all interested parties, or at least those who have been left out of the many coop mailing lists. also, kindly RSVP via the message board so we can get an idea about how much recyclables we can sort through together while we are there. just kidding... maybe.

peace, w
Wayne DePrince
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