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USDA Allowing Cooked Almonds to be Labeled "Raw"

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USDA Allowing Cooked Almonds to be Labeled "Raw"

Postby Steve Caruso » Sat Aug 25, 2007 1:55 am

For all our raw food enthusiasts out there,

So now the USDA allows cooked almonds to be labeled "raw."

No, wait it gets better!

All almonds must be pasteurized according to a USDA decree because 2 cases of contamination since 2001 due to gross mismanagement on huge factory farms. What does this mean? Organic and family almond farmers will be forced out of business as the equipment costs $500,000 per farm. Half a million dollars.

But wait, it gets better yet!

The chemical that they can be pasteurized with (propylene oxide) has been banned in Canada, Mexico, and the EU because it's a carcinogen...

Excuse the pun, but this is NUTS.

The law was passed quietly and goes into effect on September 1st. Here are some articles from ENN:

USDA Denies Dequest to Delay Almond Pasteurization Rule; Provision to Take Effect September 1

Almonds Processed With Toxic Chemicals & High Heat Are Not "Raw"

ALERT: USDA Says 'Raw' Foods Can Be Pasteurized With Suspected Carcinogen
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