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maker of things wooden needed

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maker of things wooden needed

Postby Leigh F » Wed Jun 10, 2009 12:20 pm

If you have any fairly basic carpentry skills and a workshop—and need to put in some working member time—the co-op needs four blank, unpainted, unfinished (but sanded) wooden signs, 16" width by 12" height each. They would also need a matching wooden frame around them (like a blackboard) or attached to the surface (like moulding) of approximately 5/8". A bit of extra width to the signs, like 1/2" or so, would be okay but no extra height. I think that a thickness of the board should be no more than 1".
A version of this post is up on the wish list forum, so the person who donates or obtains the materials does not necessarily have to be the person who fashions them into something.
If materials needed to be bought that could be negotiated, reimbursement is possible within reason. But as for labor, this is strictly a member work assignment.
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